International Sales

Globe Pipe Hanger Products, Inc. has worked hard at expanding its export business by establishing sales and distribution contacts in several markets over the past few years. Prior to 2007, Globe had one international sales agent; Through our efforts to expand into the international market, we have established our presence globally with sales/distribution partners in:

• Mexico
• Canada
• Costa Rica
• Dominican Republic
• Saudi Arabia
• Israel
• Singapore
• Malaysia

In 2010 Globe Pipe Hanger Products was proudly recognized as a 2010 E-Award recipient of Ohio Governors Excellence in Exporting Award.

In addition to the above international destinations, Globe Pipe Hanger Products ships to customers worldwide, including:

• El Salvador
• Brazil
• Chile
• Peru
• The Middle East
• Colombia
• Panama

Globe Pipe Hanger Products is internationally known for our capability, value pricing, on time delivery, and customer focused services. Our company is valuable to the international market because we produce a quality product that can be utilized in new construction projects around the world. We will also customize a variety of products in metric sizes versus our standard U.S. sizes in order to accommodate the specifications for specific projects.